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9101 spectrum analyzer

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about us

We offer value added telecommunication products line of immense top quality that meets client’s satisfaction.
Our aim is to provide integrated telecommunication services with a passion to edge out any competition in service delivery to the admiration of our numerous Clients.

The best quality at the best price – Tag Links Limited
Tag Links stands in the heart of this importing powerhouse, in Wireless Solutions offering a well established infrastructure and superior human resources. We serve buyers looking for next-generation technology, in Test and measurement solution and has proven import experience and dependability. In other words, buyers who demand the best quality at the best price. Sound like someone you know?

The World Class Test and Measurement Solutions  -- at the right place and time
As a limited liability company, we are sales partner for Wireless Telecom Group Inc, and its operating subsidiaries,Willtek,Noise/Com, Boonton Electronics Corporation,Microlab/FXR(collectively the” Company”),in Nigeria
We are representative of Developer, Manufacurer of wide ranges variety of electronics’ noise sources, electronic power meters, voltmeters and modulation and handset production testers for wireless products.
Our products are also used to test the performance and capability of cellular/PCS and satellite communication systems and to measure the power of RF and Microwave systems. Other applications include radio, radar, wireless local area network (WLAN) and digital television
We also promote and facilitate trade for local small and medium businesses by providing world Class wireless technological solutions, Training, field research, marketing and import support. Our network of manufacturers covers a broad spectrum of product segments, from digital electronics and A/V systems to office and Radio Frequency Operators. Chances are, you will find your next supplier through us.

Find out more about Tag Links Limited comprehensive sourcing services. Contact us today.